Dogecoin cryptocurrency

Are You Looking in to Buy Dogecoin Before The Price Soars Again?

In this investor’s opinion, buying Dogecoin isn’t a bad idea. The crypto joke turned meme is no longer a joke. The coin has a community of its own, and there are people who say it could be the next digital dollar or pound. A digital currency worth $1 or one pound might not sound like much until you realize that you can currently buy more than 200 doge for $1.

Dogecoin Price

Do the math, and if Doge ever hit $1, you just made $200 on every $1 you spent to buy it now. There are no guarantees that Dogecoin is going to rise over the next several years. That’s the USD cash math, but the thing about digital currencies is they are global. People from all over the world are buying Dogecoin.

buy dogecoin

To buy Dogecoin in the UK, you are going to want to make sure that you first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. You are also going to want a Doge wallet. In the US, you can purchase certain cryptos, including Doge, on a free trading app known as Robinhood. In other words, you can pay USD for them vs having to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first. The catch is, however, that you don’t actually hold your own Doge in a Doge wallet.

Free Trade is an app in the UK that allows you to buy and sell stocks for free. While crytpos aren’t yet available, you can certainly expect that they might be sometime in the future. With Dogecoin being so popular, it is one of cryptos with the largest market cap.

Crypto Trading

Personally, I like to buy cryptos via the stock trading app I use, but many people out there like holding their own digital currencies. At this point, that is what you’re going to have to do. It is the preferred method after all, but there is just the one minor inconvenience. You need that BTC or ETH first.

Once you have one of those cryptos, you can send it to an exchange. Make sure the exchange app that you download features Doge. Then you can buy Doge on the exchange, sending it to your wallet after the purchase. Be sure you get either the official Doge Wallet or a wallet that accommodates Doge along with other digital currencies. Since Doge sells for less than half a penny, you can accumulate quite a lot of this digital currency quickly.